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These devices, supplied in a plastic case with terminal block, are used for food, with a voltage stabilized and leveled at 12Vdc, inductive, capacitive, photoelectric cell transforming the output signal of the same in a changeover contact 5A at 240V of a relay in this device. Are provided in the model ALNC(for NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors), in the model ALN2(for two NAMUR sensors) and in the model ALTP programmable delay on energization or de-energization (for NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors).

These devices measure the time gap between two signals detected on a revolving or cycling mechanism. They come in three versions: two of them in the inductive M30 version to signal a drop in velocity and an acceleration, the third one consisting of an electronic unit, equipped with a terminal block and DIN rail mounting , suitable to receive signals from inductive, capacitive or photoelectric sensors of various sizes and types, in order to check the velocity reduction or the stopping of the rotating unit (shaft stand still).

These devices have been studied and designed for the cyclic control of the cleaning elements in sleeve filters (dust collection systems, mills, etc.). They are housed in a plastic enclosure with a transparent cover and are completely isolated according to safety standards. This device allows you to set and change the work and pause times according to customer’s specific application. They are supplied in three versions: TS1-8 up to 8 outputs; TS1-16 up to 16 outputs; TS1-32 up to 32 output.

Proxy Tester is a portable instrument created to satisfy the needs of both installers as well as retailers. It makes it possible to control correct functioning of any D.C. sensor or magnetic sensor even when lacking expensive sophisticated instrumentation (stable power generators, oscilloscopes). Consequently this reduces manitenance and repair time in an industrial automation plant where malfunction of sensor is often difficult to identify. Proxy Tester is powered by a battery and has a battery level indicator.

These accessories reflect the light in the same direction from which it comes from, no matter what the angle of incidence can be. AECO reflectors are made of plastic (PMMA), impact-resistant material, with temperature limits ranging from -10°C up to +60°C. They are very performing when used with photoelectric sensors. They are supplied in the parallelepiped and cylindrical shapes, in different dimensions as well as in the adhesive reflective tape version too which, however, is half performing compared to the rigid plastic models.

AECO connector range is available in the M8, M12 and K versions. The M8 version comes with 3 models with 3-4 wire moulded in PUR cable. The M12 version comes with 4 models: two are 3-4 wire moulded in PVC cable and two are 4-pin terminal block. They can be supplied in the straight or 90° angle version, the latter is also available with Led . All M8 and M12 models are IP67 rating. Our range also includes the he K connectors that come with terminal block, they are included in the sensor and they are IP65 rating.